Weekday Lunch Specials

Dine in at Nikoli’s and receive good food, prompt service, and an affordable lunch!

  • Lunch Size Stromboli and 16 oz. soda $7.99 (Not valid on delivery)
  • 2 cheese slices and a 16 oz. soda for LOW PRICE(Not valid on delivery)
  • 7″ select sub, fries, and fountain soda $8.99

TWO 16″ Cheese Pizzas and 2 liter of soda $24.99

Thursday nights we celebrate #PizzaOnEarth with our Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free Pies $1 OFF from 4-6PM

Complimentary shipping of Gift Certificates

Gift certificates can be purchased online and we will ship them to you or the recipient free of charge.