Delivery Info

How do I place an order for delivery?

To place an order for Pick-up and/or Delivery, please call  717-763-7778 . We do not accept fax or emails, as we confirm information to the preparation of your food, etc. and prefer to eliminate playing phone tag in order to process your order timely.

Are there certain times you deliver?

We always have one if not two delivery drivers on staff. Please don’t feel bad making someone come out, as this is their job. We open at 10am and begin accepting orders for delivery. Typically, the earliest you will see a driver at your door is 10:30AM which is convenient for those who work “shift work.” We typically stop accepting delivery orders about a half an hour prior to our closing time in the evening.

If I want to be served at 12 noon, when should I call the order in?

We suggest you NOT hold out till 11:30AM to call in an order when you have a specific time in mind. We suggest you call it in as soon as you have the order. We can accept it the day before and/or you may call in at 10AM and request at noon delivery, just like you would a reservation at a restaraunt. Once 11am hits, we will give you an estimated time frame, as orders will be worked around reservations. If you are in a hurry, we suggest you pick your order up as we are accommodating many requests over dinner and lunch hours.

Do you guarantee delivery times?

We do not for several reasons, liability and/or the ability to predict traffic/road conditions is rather challenging. If you are short on time, we suggest you pick the order up –it is always the quickest method in receiving your order. We typically try to reach our customers within an hour of the time the order is placed. During peak times lunch and dinner hours, we may go over that hour. Also, we love our drivers and want them to come home safe to their families. Please know they are always doing their best to get your food safely to your home or residence.

What is your delivery area?

We deliver to ALL of Lower Allen Twp., including the new Meridian and Arcona developments. Camp Hill Borough, parts of Upper Allen Twp. ( Orchard Glen, Winding Hills, Kimberly Acres, Messiah Village, etc.), parts of East Penn Twp. (Hoy Spirit Hospital and Deloitte Consulting), Hampden Twp., small parts of Silver Spring Twp., Mechanicsburg Borough (PRIOR to entering “town”),parts of Lemoyne (Hummel Ave. and Herman Ave.), and parts of New Cumberland (Green Lane Farms). We also deliver to Cedar Cliff High School and surrounding areas. Other areas may be available and with larger orders taking place in the future, we may accept orders to areas we typically do not deliver to

How is payment received?

Cash or business check at time of delivery and/or credit card payment accepted at the time the order is placed. We will run your card while you are on the phone and will need your card number, your security code, and the zipcode the card bills to. We do not store credit card information. If you need to change your order, we will need the financial information again, if paying by credit card. You may tip on the credit card, and your driver will give you a copy of your order. Orders placed for a later date will need a tip or gratuity added at the time since we will not have access to your card number after your card is ran.