National chain Domino's Pizza states that Halloween is one of the top pizza sales days of the whole year, only to be outdone by Super Bowl Sunday

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We have been honored to be a part of so many celebrations and special occasions. Halloween is certainly one of the top holidays for throwing parties and hosting gatherings. No party is complete without some tasty treats!

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National chain Domino’s Pizza states that Halloween is one of the top pizza sales days of the whole year, only to be outdone by Super Bowl Sunday, New Year’s Day, and Thanksgiving Eve! We would agree with much of that, except we must add that with the past few Super Bowls not having a local team, we have not been that busy on Super Bowl Sunday. All things Halloween are true, true, and true!

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Why is Halloween such a busy day for pizza places? Well, with many parents working outside the home, it can be rather challenging to juggle work and home responsibilities and do so when minutes are very fragile transitioning from office work to costume changes in often less than an hour with no time to put food in the mouths of loved ones. For individual that do not have any children, it is still challenging to get in your driveway and get a meal out of the oven and consumed prior to the numerous interruptions of well-meaning children seeking a treat.

For this reason we suggest that if you are considering ordering take-out or utilizing delivery services on Trick or Treat night you follow the following tips to have a happy, healthy, and most importantly safe Halloween:

  1. Obtain treats and Halloween costumes prior to October 31st to avoid the stress of rushing around on what could be a stressful day if procrastination kicks in.
  2. Lights! Lights! ..and more lights! It is getting dark quicker so you want to ensure your lights are on in your car on the way home. Turn the outside porch light on early so you are sure to not forget about it as the night passes by rather quickly. Children should have some form of being visible to others, whether it be a light up necklace or a flashlight in hand. We cannot be safe enough on a night like this!
  3. If you have decided to grab take out, it is highly recommended that you call your favorite establishment earlier than normal. Nikoli’s Pizza begins taking requests as early as a week before Trick or Treat Night! While that is rather early, it is safe to say that our lines will begin heavy usage around 1PM with orders scheduled for pickup between 3:30-5:30PM as a popular time. Delivery runs throughout the evening but most parties choose to get their food prior to the Trick or Treat events.
  4. Choices for take-out include anything from pizza, stromboli, chicken wings, and oversized hoagies. Our personal recommendation is to grab so extra large subs, because you don’t have to worry about an Italian or Ham and Cheese sub getting cold. You can save half for later or even have leftovers the next day for lunch.
  5. Those that are choosing to opt for delivery should have a well-lit home and call in advance as we want to ensure our drivers are proceeding into neighborhoods with the most caution.

If choosing to use our take-out or delivery service, please give us a call at 717-763-7778. We expect to have this as the last year in which we will be phone or face to face only for our customers, as we will have online ordering very shortly for our customers that appreciate the convenience of ordering on their computer or mobile device.

On behalf of everyone at Nikoli’s Pizza, have a wonderful and safe Halloween!

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